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Dynarex Full Electric Home Care Bed

Dynarex Full Electric Home Care Bed

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The Dynarex Full-Electric Homecare Bed is a height adjustable, multi-function bed frame designed for ultimate user and caregiver convenience. A lightweight hand pendant controls head and foot position with the push of a button. The bed motor can be removed while a patient is in the bed and most bed frame components feature a universal fit to accommodate parts from other manufacturers. Ideal for a variety of homecare settings.


The Dynarex Full -Electric Homecare Bed is an adjustable bed frame with automated head and foot positioning and overall height adjustment. The attractive woodgrain head and footboards are durable and scratch-resistant to ensure you enjoy your Dynarex bed longer. The ultra-quiet motor adjusts and can be removed while patients are in the bed to prevent unnecessary relocation of patients. Compatible with a 9-volt battery for backup height and position adjustment in the case of power outages. Compare Dynarex Full-Electric Homecare Bed to Delta™ Ultralight 1000 Full-Electric Bed by Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare. 
  • Constructed from durable steel with a spring deck and split-frame design
  • Spring deck is adjustable from 15.7"-22.8"
  • Motor is compatible with a 9-volt battery to adjust bed position in a power outage
  • Weight capacity 450 lb.
  • HCPC codes available for bed and bed packages
  • Compare Dynarex Full-Electric Homecare Bed to Delta™ Ultralight 1000 Full-Electric Bed by Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare or the Medlite™ Bed by Medline.
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