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Dynarex Pre Bent Flow Tips, Etch (25G)- Blue

Dynarex Pre Bent Flow Tips, Etch (25G)- Blue

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Dental Pre-Bent Flow Tips

Dental Pre-Bent Flow Tips are designed with various applications in mind, with four gauges allowing you to dispense flow sealant, etch, liner and sealant cement.


The Dynarex Pre-Bent Flow Tips are optimal for precise placement and dispensing flow for any dental procedure. These Dental Flow Tips are available in 4 different tips and gauges appropriate to different material types and are color-coded for easy distinction. The Dynarex Dental Flow Tips are perfect for use with resins, etchants, and other flowable composites.
  • Tips are color-coded for distinction.
  • Offer precise access and easy dispensing.
  • Ideal for Etchants, Resins and Flowable Composites.
  • Liner (18G)- Pink
  • Flow-Sealant (20G)- Black
  • Sealant-Cement (22G)- Grey
  • Etch (25G)- Blue
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