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Pac-Dent, Inc

Pac-Dent Armor Drape-It Disposable Face Shield Drapes

Pac-Dent Armor Drape-It Disposable Face Shield Drapes

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Armor Drape-It Disposable Face Shield Drape is a universal face shield accessory made from a fluid-resistant and durable copolymer that provides OSHA-level splash protection and helps minimize exposure to airborne pathogens and other infectious diseases. Apply Drape-It to any facial protectant device to instantly increase coverage and protection.

● Compatible with iVisor and all comparable face shields (disposable or non-disposable)
● Easily remove and replace in seconds
● Made from fluid and tear-resistant copolymer

● Hypoallergenic, non-irritating, and non-scratchy on skin 

Patent Pending

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