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BD 362753 VACUTAINER MONONUCLEAR CPT Sodium Heparin Tube, 16 x 125mm x 8.0mL, 60/cs

BD 362753 VACUTAINER MONONUCLEAR CPT Sodium Heparin Tube, 16 x 125mm x 8.0mL, 60/cs

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BD 362753

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BD Vacutainer® CPT™ is a fully-closed system for separation of mononuclear cells from whole blood, where cell separation is carried out in the primary blood collection tube. This decreases the complexity of steps for mononuclear cell separation, thereby minimizing variability from sample processing.

CPT™ is an evacuated, sterile blood collection tube containing buffered sodium citrate or sodium heparin anticoagulant, liquid density medium and an inert gel barrier. It is intended for the collection of whole blood and the subsequent separation of mononuclear blood cells for the purposes of in vitro diagnostic examination.

Whole blood is drawn directly into the CPT™ using standard phlebotomy techniques and processed in the same tube. During centrifugation, the gel forms a physical barrier between the mononuclear cells in plasma and the erythrocytes and granulocytes. The separated, concentrated suspension of mononuclear cells in plasma can then be transported in the primary blood collection tube.

Tube Material Glass
Tube Size 16x125 mm
Draw Volume 8 mL
Closure Type Conventional Stopper
Closure Color Red / Green
Label Mylar
Cell Separator Yes (Gel)
Anticoagulant Sodium Heparin
Additive Ficoll™ Hypaque™ Solution
Sterilization Autoclave , 10-6 SAL , ISO17665-1
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